1988        Founded for the purpose of research of resin development and                 commercialization of medical plastic  lens.

1989        Moved to Sabae.

                 Producing plastic lens in OEM with Kureha delivery start to Nikon.

1995        Start the production of polarized lenses.

1996        Start production of high-refractive lens.

1999        Begin the study of the medium refractive photochromic lens.

2000        Middle and high refractive monomer of productionexport start.


                 Start the research of high-refractive-polarized lens.

2001        Research and Development  of a specific wavelength absorption lens  with Kanazawa Medical                  University.

2003        Start production and sales of the medium refractive photochromic lens.

2004        Start production and selling of High refractive polarization of non-spherical lens

2005        Start production and selling of Specific wavelength absorption lens.

                   Start production and selling of  High refractive polarization progressive lens.

2007        Begin the study of high-contrast lens.

2009        Start production and selling of  high-contrast lens.

2011        Start production and selling of  Topcoat photochromic lens.

2014         Be elected to global niche top companies 100 selections from the Ministry of Economy, Trade  and  Industry.